By Bailey Burns ’22

Working at Pegasus Creative has given me a lot of opportunities to grow and get creative. I had the idea for Humans of Oglethorpe series and this job gave me a platform to make it a reality—while also giving me samples for my professional portfolio.

I’ve been able to meet new students and faculty all throughout campus and get to know them. Our jobs at Pegasus show us how important it is for all students to have a voice. We’re able to do that through all the articles we write for the website. I’ve been able to write about our campus store, and various human interest stories like one about students who competed for Miss Georgia, and about mOUthing off, an improv group on campus. I never would have met the people I have without this job.

I’ve also been able to gain website management skills, which will be beneficial as a communications major and to my future career. Photography has always been something I was interested in and I’ve gained more experience with that, too, learning how to capture images for stories and for marketing purposes.

Not only has this job taught me how to be professional, it has also been very fun. Being here has taught me how much goes into a communications job and how important it is to connect with everyone here at Oglethorpe.