As someone who, during the pandemic, spent a reasonable amount of time scrolling through TikTok out of boredom, I learned that I enjoy the art of content creation. The innovative video ideas and editing I saw interested me in learning what it would take to create content for others to view. 

I started by looking at tutorials on editing styles I found interesting. I tested many editing apps like CapCut, VideoStar, and Video Leap. I taught myself how to use their features, like duplicating myself where there were two of me on the video, adding music to the background, and learning transitions. It took a long time, and I’m still constantly learning more, but I enjoy it. 

Kaia Headshot

Pegasus Creative Intern, Kaia Wheaton ’27.

Using the skills I have attained, I make TikTok content for Oglethorpe, which is probably one of my favorite jobs thus far. To some, the job may sound simple: Scroll through TikTok, find what’s trending, and make it, but I feel it’s more than that. I spend a ton of time looking through TikTok, seeing trends, and figuring out creative ways OU can be included in the trend.  

My favorite style of videos I enjoy working on are my interviews. I enjoy going out into the Oglethorpe community and getting students to participate. It gets people excited knowing they will be a part of something that everyone will look at, and it’s another way for people to get involved on campus.  

Creating content for the university has also improved my content creation skills. I appreciated my editing skills before, but working for the university has inspired me to do even more and figure out new editing methods that get others engaged in the content. I’m not perfect, but I’m glad I am able to work in a place where I can improve on something I already love. 

Kaia taking video

Taking pictures for a TikTok idea.

TikTok may be a silly app to some. Still, I see it as a creative landscape, and being a part of making content that promotes Oglethorpe, engaging with others, and coming up with fun ideas to highlight certain events on campus is something I appreciate so much. Some people wonder why I pursued going into this internship as a politics major, and it’s a simple answer: I’m passionate about it. Using TikTok to showcase my creativity and make people laugh while making or watching videos makes me happy because no matter what I pursue, my goal is to positively influence people. I hope that in the future (with my other career) I can use social media to continue creating content for others and making people smile.