Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Looking for an internship? Want to expand your experience or add to your resume? If you are an optimistic, flexible team player who is enthusiastic about representing and promoting Oglethorpe University, consider applying. Keep reading to learn more about what it means to be a part of our team.


Pegasus Creative interns collaborate often and work in a variety of different areas – just like a real agency. For that reason, all students working with us have the same title: Pegasus Creative Intern. Interns might take photos one day, write a story the next, and then end the week by promoting on-campus events. There are no defined roles or specific tasks that people are assigned based on a job title. Pegasus interns and University Communications staff work together to find the right people for each project as it comes up. We think this allows for more collaboration and opportunities for students to work on different types of projects – those with which they are familiar and comfortable, and maybe some which they are not. Internships are about learning and sharpening your skills, and in Pegasus Creative, you’ll broaden your knowledge base and widen your wingspan.

Do you have what it takes?

In our recruitment process we look for the same three attributes in all applicants, regardless of their interests. These qualities are vital for the type of work we do.

  1. Strong writing skills
    We do a lot of writing, and a lot of our work is public. Whether it’s for a Facebook post or a magazine article, we need students who enjoy writing and are good at it.
  2. Robust initiative
    Pegasus interns work independently of University Communications staff most of the time. There is not a lot of hand-holding and looking over of shoulders. We need students who can take an idea and run with it.
  3. Polished interpersonal communication skills
    The Office of University Communications is the public voice of Oglethorpe. Pegasus Creative interns must possess professional communication skills both in person and via writing. Public speaking and interviewing skills are also valued.