I chose to major in Communication Studies here at Oglethorpe because I know there are endless career options to pursue with that degree. One of my bigger, most recent career interests has been journalism. A lot of Communication Studies majors choose to pursue careers in journalism, but not everyone understands that the field is so much more than print journalism.

I am, specifically, interested in the many careers in broadcast journalism. This field focuses particularly on publishing news by electronic methods like on television, radio, and the internet, and these media have the ability to disperse all kinds of visuals and sounds that other means of news cannot.

After expressing my interest in this field to Renee Vary, senior director of University Communications, she extended an invitation for me to accompany her to Oglethorpe President Larry Schall’s interview at WABE’s Closer Look with Rose Scott.

At WABE, President Schall discussed topics including his journey to El Paso, Texas in August, Oglethorpe’s partnership with the Dream.US and ‘Dreamer’ scholars, and his plans after he steps down in June 2020.

Getting to experience a radio show behind the scenes was super exciting and, honestly, pretty different than I was expecting. Every minute of the show was carefully planned and orchestrated, and there was a whole team of people making sure each detail of the show ran smoothly.

Following President Schall’s interview, Rose Scott invited me back to learn more about the inner workings of her WABE show. The new knowledge I gained from this experience has piqued my interest in broadcast journalism even further, and I am excited to see where opportunities like these will take me in the future.

Listen to the full show here: 51:12 | Play story

President Schall on air with WABE’s ‘Closer Look with Rose Scott’