What are they saying about Pegasus?

Pegasus is undoubtedly what got me [my current] job. My employer was so impressed with the amount of concrete experience I came straight out of college with. I’ve never met anyone else who got the same kind of opportunities in college as we had at Pegasus.

Christie Rhodes '15, KWI for Chick-fil-A Corporate Communications

To me, an ideal workplace is one that challenges you, supports you, and helps you grow; Pegasus challenged me in ways I didn’t expect, supported me in all the ways I needed, and helped me grow into the person–the writer–I am today.

Marisa Manuel '13, Online Editor, The Pinch literary magazine

I have been so impressed with the work that our students at Pegasus have produced. It’s of a professional quality in every way. Pegasus is a terrific example of connecting the liberal arts to real world experience, something Oglethorpe does very well.

Dr. Larry Schall, Former President of Oglethorpe University

My life would not be where it is right now if Todd and Renee did not start Pegasus. I would categorize enrolling in Pegasus as one of the most important decisions I have made so far.

Mon Baroi '15, Chief Product Officer, Tianem