Founded in 2012, Pegasus Creative student communication agency provides the opportunity for students at Oglethorpe University to gain skills and real-world experience within a collaborative, professional team environment that will directly translate to future careers.

Under the supervision of professional University Communications staff, students work within a variety of fields that directly apply to their majors, including social media marketing, content development, public relations, video production, interviewing, photography and market research.

By combining the knowledge and experience of the University Communications staff with the innovation and enthusiasm of students, Pegasus provides a creative environment that allows students to put their classroom theory into practice, while ultimately benefiting their alma mater.

The 5 parts of the Pegasus Creative experience:


  • Pegasus members don’t make copies and file papers — they complete professional-level work that represents and promotes Oglethorpe University. Pegasus provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and job skills that directly relate to their major. Whether they are interviewing fellow students for a website story, designing a webpage, or recording and editing a video of a campus event, students are engaged in activities that will give them a competitive advantage in the job market after graduation.

  • At Pegasus the experience doesn’t stop in the office. Students interact with peers and professionals within their industry through field studies. Off-campus activities are planned each semester to provide opportunities for Pegasus members to “get out into the real world” by attending conferences and meetings, touring vendor facilities, and hearing from experts in the field.

  • By working side-by-side with professionals in a real-world environment, students gain skills that are directly applicable to future goals and careers. Students learn basic rules of professionalism in addition to skills specific to their field of study and beyond. The collaboration provides cross-training experiences so all interns are exposed to different aspects of the communications industry.

  • At Pegasus, students create published work to help build a portfolio showcasing their skills, and giving them a solid foundation when entering the job market. A student’s portfolio may include original articles published on the Oglethorpe Source or in the Carillon magazine,  a page designed for the Oglethorpe website, or photos published in the university magazine.

  • Through the internship process, students can receive college credit for the work they complete with Pegasus that is directly applied to their major requirements. Many students enjoy the ability that Pegasus provides to learn a theory in class and immediately apply it to their work within Pegasus.


Why the name Pegasus?

According to legend, anywhere the winged horse Pegasus struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth.

If you look closely at the gates on Hermance Stadium, you will see the impression of a Pegasus. This was the inspiration for the name of Oglethorpe’s student communications agency — founded in 2012 — whose mission is to allow creative ideas and the students producing them to take flight in the real world.