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Those Who Can’t Sing — Promote?

I learned one of my biggest lessons of the professional world this week. Scratch that. I learned one of my biggest lessons period this week. As a college student, it is easy to become acutely aware of deadlines to the point of obsessive compulsion. Of course, that makes sense; with papers, tests, work, and extra-curricular activities to account for, time is basically the most important thing that a college student possesses. In my time at Pegasus I have learned that the work world is no different when it comes to time management. What I have also learned this week is that, […]

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One of the perks of working for a communications department is having access to [...]

What are they saying about Pegasus?

I have been so impressed with the work that our students at Pegasus have produced. It’s of a professional quality in every way. Pegasus is a terrific example of connecting the liberal arts to real world experience, something Oglethorpe does very well.
Dr. Larry Schall, President of Oglethorpe University
Pegasus is…where students can obtain academic credit while trying out what it’s like to work in an agency. The feedback from students is very positive and most feel that they have more opportunities to try out new skills than if they worked for an outside employer. Well worth your time if you want to gain an edge in the communications field.
Dr. Robin Brandt, Director , Professional Development, A_LAB
I am impressed with the student agency’s mission. As a former public relations minor, I wish I had the hands-on experience they are getting. A recent blog piece was written on my Storm Sandy efforts and it read beautifully. So much so that more donations kept piling in! The Office of Special Events is also excited for the unveiling of a new and improved Special Events website that we could not complete without their guidance and support.
Sharon Moskowitz '82, Director of Special Events at Oglethorpe University