The Modern PR Internship

The New PRIn the past two decades, modern PR internships became less about sending formal press releases to the media and more about focusing on engagement and relationship building. A recent survey from InternMatch shows that PR/Marketing/Advertising is the #1 industry in which interns want to work.

Gone are the days when PR strictly focused on publicity and press agentry as the PR internship has become more of a well-rounded communications internship.

Today’s PR departments are constantly challenged to find new ways to interact and communicate with the public. This requires interns to quickly learn many skills and abilities like digital video production, social media management, and graphic design to cater to the fast-paced demand of data consumption in today’s society.

Pegasus Creative interns are offered many of these types of opportunities, preparing them to enter the workforce with skills that are useful in a myriad of industries. See some of their recent projects!





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