Pegasus Internship Creates Opportunities for Former Interns

Since it’s creation in 2012, Pegasus has given multiple students the opportunity to perfect their communication and journalism skills. Here’s what a few former Pegs have been up to since their time at Pegasus:

Christie Rhodes ’15

Christie Pearce resized

“I am a Communications Consultant with an agency called KWI, and am currently contracted with Chick-fil-A, Inc. in Corporate Communications. I help strategize and develop content that is shared internally among Chick-fil-A’s corporate employees and over 2,000 Restaurants.

Pegasus is undoubtedly what got me this job. My employer was so impressed with the amount of concrete experience I came straight out of college with. I’ve never met anyone else who got the same kind of opportunities in college as we had at Pegasus. Since I’ve been at Chick-fil-A, they have asked me multiple times if there were any Pegs that would be interested in working here because they’re so impressed with the program!”

Mon Baroi ’15


“Before I interned at Pegasus as a Marketing Analyst and then a Web Developer, I had dabbled with programming, sales, and marketing as only a hobby. I never saw those skills as a career until I started working at Pegasus and realized how much I love the technical aspects of driving traffic and developing software. My life would not be where it is right now if Todd and Renee did not start Pegasus. I would categorize enrolling in Pegasus as one of the most important decisions I have made so far. After Pegasus, I was a Co-Op Software Developer Intern for a Fortune 50 company for almost 2 years and then consulted as a Software Engineer at Cox Enterprises for almost 1 year doing data analysis and integration. Recently, I left my consulting job in order to focus 3 months on a online programming bootcamp to sharpen my Ruby on Rails skills. Currently, I am Chief Product Officer of a startup that I co-founded, Tianem ( Tianem is an invoice management software for construction companies. In the future, I plan on running my own full-stack development firm and continue to bootstrap Tianem with my co-founders.”

Marisa Manuel ’13

Marisa (30) good one

“Currently I’m a graduate assistant and MFA Candidate in Fiction at the University of Memphis. I’m also an online editor for the campus literary magazine, The Pinch. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but there’s so much more to writing than stringing together sentences. Confidence, perseverance, and a critical eye are key, and it’s thanks to my time at Pegasus that I was able to hone these qualities. I came to Pegasus as someone who loved writing but doubted herself, a person who was only beginning to understand that the real world was out there, and that soon, I’d be part of it. Pegasus shot me straight into that reality, and suddenly, I was conducting interviews, sending out press releases, attending conferences, and writing blog posts and features articles. To me, an ideal workplace is one that challenges you, supports you, and helps you grow; Pegasus challenged me in ways I didn’t expect, supported me in all the ways I needed, and helped me grow into the person–the writer–I am today.”

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