Spring 2013 Team Members

Meet Pegasus Creative: Spring 2013


<strong>Chandler Anderson '13</strong>
Chandler Anderson '13Web Content Developer
When I visited Oglethorpe for the first time, the art museum made a huge impression on me. There was something appealing about the atmosphere: it managed to be tasteful, yet cozy and comfortable. When I am here, I feel like I can relax and let my thoughts wander, which is often welcome after a stressful day of classes.

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<strong>Brooke Floyd '13</strong>
Brooke Floyd '13Photojournalist
This little hidden stairway into Lupton Auditorium that no one seems to notice is my favorite place to photograph on campus.
<strong>Zachary Kevorkian '13</strong>
Zachary Kevorkian '13Graphic Designer
Being in the art room is similar to being in my own universe, where I know all things are possible.
<strong>Janet Wood '13</strong>
Janet Wood '13Public Relations Specialist
Never have I felt more uninhibited and at home at Oglethorpe than one summer evening when my best friend and I played in the sprinklers at the baseball stadium. To this day, it is my favorite college memory.
<strong>Mon Baroi '15</strong>
Mon Baroi '15Marketing Analyst
An engine needs oil to keep going. I need coffee and doughnuts.
<strong>Reed Barrickman '02</strong>
Reed Barrickman '02Social Media Marketing
Part of the reason I chose Oglethorpe was a desire to be onstage in that great theater. I had a lot of fun times at Conant both performing and rehearsing.
<strong>Jacob Fields '14</strong>
Jacob Fields '14Student Office Manager
If I’m not in the classroom, then the Pegasus Creative office is the most likely place you’ll catch me. I can go here whenever I need to just find a quiet place to work (or text).
<strong>Weston Manders '12</strong>
Weston Manders '12Arts Promotion Fellow
As a theater major, I spent a lot of time in Conant, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Petey.
<strong>Marisa Manuel '13</strong>
Marisa Manuel '13Campus Reporter Intern
I’m not going to horse around and say that Pegasus gave me wings (this joke had to happen – I give no apologies!), but it did set me off the ground and allow me to understand some things about the workplace, a.k.a. the “real world”. And you know what I’ve discovered? Oglethorpe isn’t so different. The real world isn’t so scary, and I’m able to handle this.


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