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<strong>Debra Bryant '12</strong>
Debra Bryant '12Web Content Development Intern
Pegasus Creative has opened up the world of web design and development at the university level.   This opportunity has allowed me to grow and discover creative areas of work I enjoy.   My university education and my Pegasus Creative experience have given me the tools I need for success in and around the world wide web.

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<strong>Weatherly Richardson '13</strong>
Weatherly Richardson '13Campus Reporter Intern
I love my job at Pegasus because I get to write every day, for every kind of media. And because Debbie always has chocolate on her desk. 🙂
<strong>Caitlyn Mitchell '13</strong>
Caitlyn Mitchell '13Carillon Features Writer Intern
Working with Pegasus has allowed me to not only gain hands-on experience working at a university level but also have the opportunity of working directly for my alma mater. I’ve loved being a student here, and I’ve loved being an intern even more.
<strong>Marisa Manuel '13</strong>
Marisa Manuel '13Campus Reporter Intern
I’m not going to horse around and say that Pegasus gave me wings (this joke had to happen – I give no apologies!), but it did set me off the ground and allow me to understand some things about the workplace, a.k.a. the “real world”. And you know what I’ve discovered? Oglethorpe isn’t so different. The real world isn’t so scary, and I’m able to handle this.
<strong>Mon Baroi '15</strong>
Mon Baroi '15Marketing Analyst
Pegasus is a great way to figure out what you want to do after you graduate and more importantly what you don’t want to do. Pegasus jobs aren’t just a clock-in, clock-out. I came here for the free coffee, but I am loving working here because of the work I get to do and the awesome people I get to work with.
<strong>Reed Barrickman '02</strong>
Reed Barrickman '02Social Media Marketing
I joined the Pegasus program because I felt like it would be a great way to learn some new real-world skills in a familiar and encouraging environment.
<strong>Jacob</strong> <strong>Fields '14</strong>
Jacob Fields '14Student Office Manager
Working for university communications is a hard job with many responsibilities, but the fact that it is difficult is what makes working here fun and great prep for the future. 
<strong>Weston Manders '12</strong>
Weston Manders '12Arts Promotion Fellow
In all aspects of my life, I think like the winged horse of myth. Pegasus allows me to know no bounds as an Arts Promotion Fellow. Thank you Oglethorpe for your continued dedication to the success of your students and alumni.


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Pegasus Creative is supervised by the permanent staff in the Office of University Communications: Todd Bennett, Renee Vary and Debbie Aiken.
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