A Memento From 100 Years On Peachtree

Oglethorpe University "100 Years on Peachtree" banner

Oglethorpe University “100 Years on Peachtree” banner

Many of my friends, family, and teachers wonder why I enjoy working in the Pegasus office so much; especially when I’m just helping with marketing and PR for the school on a regular basis. I can honestly say while there is a laundry list of reasons I enjoy, or really LOVE, working for Pegasus, my top one is the ability to see the behind the scenes of OU. This year marks the 100-year anniversary of Oglethorpe being here on Peachtree Road, something I’m extremely excited to be able to celebrate and see in action here on campus. For many schools I applied to, I realized I either had missed the big anniversaries or I was going to miss them by the time I graduated!  I’ve scoured the bookstore, almost every lunch and dinner, trying to find the perfect memento for this occasion. I wanted something more than a shirt, a mug, or just a flimsy poster, I wanted something everlasting that I could hold onto even once I’d left OU; I wanted something no other students could get their hands on.

Enter my awesome boss Debbie, who asked my co-worker, Heather, and me one day if we wanted leftover banners from the celebrations. I squealed and screamed on the inside, but calmly said, “Oh, those? Pssshh, sure.” I had always wanted one these banners, whether they were from a university I was going to attend or the ones in Downtown Greenville or on the streets of Atlanta. Something about them hanging there with the city as its backdrop, and their excellent graphic designs just pulled me in. Many times on campus, I heard comments about these banners and how they wanted to decorate their room with one. I had a huge grin on my face, and skipped back to my dorm (like I had just received the golden ticket), telling everyone and anyone about how I was able to get these beauties, something my peers wanted and envied, but also that I was finally able to get a memento as unique as me, that embodied my love for these lovely types of advertisements.

Some people may brush this off, and think it’s stupid, but to me, the Oglethorpe and 100 Years on Peachtree banners are unique parts of history I am excited to keep for good. While I may not be sure how to hang them up in my dorm at the moment, or how to even google that, I can say that these banners are my babies and added to my love of Oglethorpe. Who would’ve known 100 years ago, that Oglethorpe would have Pegasus, its own student-run communications agency on campus? One that has provided over twenty students, of various backgrounds, an opportunity that many students at UGA, GSU, and others have only a slim chance of receiving. While Oglethorpe has definitely had interesting clubs/activities on campus, which I highly suggest you go look into, I’m proud to say that I’m a part of Oglethorpe’s tradition of unique student-run activities, but also that I’m proud to be a Peg, period.

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